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Trade centric tools to help sell your brand and wines.

GWDB: Data Standards

Wine brands have poor visibility.

A winery's path to market is complicated.

Heavy regulations control access and thus, most brands rely on intermediaries including distributors and retailers to sell wine.

These intermediary companies also represent dozens (if not hundreds) of other wine brands. So, how do you make sure your wines are seen and considered by qualified buyers?

Share as much information as possible about your wine.

David Gluzman
CEO of Folly Enterprises

Good information helps your wine brand

Information is the currency that modern wine buyers and retailers use to better market and sell your wine in today's marketplace.

Where are your customers getting their information?

The solution that scales with you.

TradeSite™ make it easy to set up, share, and maintain your wine information.

Employees, trade, and media can quickly and easily access the information they need to sell your wines effectively.

Automatic updates with every update you make.

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Share information easily.

Photography & Video

High quality assets of your brand and wines.

Wine Information

Current and past vintage information about your wines.

Tasting Notes

Consistent marketing, tasting notes and drinking windows.

Technical Information

Including TA, pH, RS, ABV, Bottle sizes, UPCs and more.

Winemaking details

Winemakers, farming, conditions and stories.

Ratings & Reviews

Wine scores, awards and press details.


Dietary details, farming certifications and more.

Accessible & Easy

Web first, mobile friendly and downloadable tech sheets.

Tradesites features include:

  • Brand details
  • Winemaking team
  • Bottle shots
  • Tech sheets
  • Brand assets
  • Brand stories
  • Single source of truth
  • Easy to access
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to control
  • Secure
  • Distributors
  • Cloud based
  • Sleek
  • Fast
  • Unlimited information
  • Affordable
  • No developers required
  • Simple
  • Vintage comparison
  • Explorable pedigree
  • Automated updates
  • Product analysis
  • RRP listing
  • Reliable
  • Wine catalogue
  • Vintage catalogue
  • Connects with retailers, importers, consumers, critics, educators
  • Links to your properties
  • Analysis by type
  • Varieties produced
  • Amenities guide
  • Brand image gallery
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Easy to organize
  • Easy to navigate
  • Automation
  • Self-service
  • Management
  • Maps integration
  • Wine Specs
  • Winery production
  • Consumer access
  • API synced data
  • and more...

Update once, share with the world.

Save time and share the facts directly and automatically with TradeSite™.

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