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An easy way to store and manage everything about your winery and wines. Share information with your team with a simple and easy to use cloud based and mobile friendly interface.

Great for small wineries and teams that currently use PDFs or spreadsheets.

Integration with all Wine Folly products are included.



Share with everyone

One place to input all your winery and wine information, plus amazing integrations to help save time and automate information with trade and media.

Turnkey digital techsheets and trade specific tools.

Premiere placement on all Wine Folly products along with the ability to sell direct to consumer.

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GWDB: Free


$0 / year

  • Wine Product Information Manager
  • Winery Information Manager
  • One User
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Wine Folly Integrations
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$399 / year

  • Wine Product Information Manager
  • Winery Information Manager
  • Unlimited Users
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Premiere Wine Folly Integrations
  • QR Codes
  • Awards & Ratings
  • Winemaker Profiles
  • TradeSite™
  • Digital & PDF Tech Sheets
  • Embeddable Wine Snippets
  • Direct Buy Integrations
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*Prices are in US Dollars & per Wine Brand

Extra Details

Unlimited Storage

You can upload and control an unlimited amount of the following:

  • Organizations
  • Brands
  • Wineries
  • Locations
  • Appellations
  • Wines
  • Vintages
  • Winemakers
  • Amenities
  • Awards & Ratings
  • Visual Assets (photographs, images, logos, videos)
  • Attachments
Wine Folly Integrations

Access millions of new customers through Wine Folly's extensive reach (over 20 Million people per year). Pro customers get premiere placements in Wine Folly products such as Region Guides and Wine Folly Content.


After entering your information, you can turn on a TradeSite™ which contains the assets and information (and tech sheets) for your wines and brand.

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Short on time? We'll do the work for you!

If you don't have time to take control of your organization and input your wines, we'll do the work on your behalf. Send us your spreadsheets, PDFs, or sticky notes and our specialized wine data team will digitize everything for you.

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API Access (Pro)

Get access to all your data to build any application or integration you desire using the Global Wine Database API.

Control & Privacy

You (as the brand owner/controller) are in charge of the information. If you don't want to share certain details about your brand/wines you are not required to. If you want to update information about a past vintage or update tasting notes (or anything for that matter) you can within a few clicks.

Top reasons to jump in today

  • It's Free
  • It's Easy
  • Better than a spreadsheet
  • It's fast
  • Cloud based
  • Zero IT burden
  • Scaleable
  • Easy to share
  • Keeps you organized
  • Reliable
  • Built by wine people
  • Industry proven
  • Wine Folly uses it
  • Coravin uses it
  • Masters of wine use it
  • Restaurants need info
  • Modern
  • Not a fax machine
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Mobile friendly
  • Access anywhere
  • Exportable
  • Privacy
  • Gives you control
  • Powerful
  • Automate
  • Syndicate
  • One and done
  • No chasing people down
  • Omicron Persei 8
  • Wow!

Wineries get started for free

With Free and Pro options, we offer scalable solutions to brands of all sizes.

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