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Our mission is to increase innovation in the wine world with better information.


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"...this (GWDB) could herald a new age of information about the wines that we drink, opening up communication channels and opportunities for knowledge in unprecedented ways. For those in the trade, it could represent a revolution in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and connecting to their customers."

Bytes of Wine -

“If there is one thing that plagues the wine industry – to its core – is it’s bad information. After seeing GWDB’s data model, I’m convinced this is the answer, and I’m willing to bet my business’s future on it.“

Madeline Puckette Co-Founder, Wine Folly

“Data people can geek out, pretty far, about the technology that enables all of this to happen. Because it’s impressive. The takeaway for everyone else is that bit about wineries themselves presenting, accurately, the information that’s circulating about their wines.“

Cathy Huyghe Co-Founder, Enolytics
Columnist: (wine) and (entrepreneurs)

"The International Wine and Spirit Competition is excited about a future where producers can share their wine information accurately and easily which could have great benefits for the IWSC as a leading wine competition.”

Richard Stoppard Executive Director
IWSC - International Wine & Spirit Competition

"Gone will be the need for dozens of people to populate dozens of databases, forms and documents, spending endless hours copying, pasting, printing, faxing, emailing, posting, and chasing queries. They sum it up thus: Upload data once. Drive the facts forward.”

Tamlyn Currin

"Before using GWDB we would have to hunt for historical wine information, now everything is in one place and our suppliers can easily find information they need."

Leslie LeQuelenec Clos du Soleil Winery

"The diversity of Canadian wines is exceptional and now easily experienced by the wine industry and wine consumers alike. (powered by GWDB) is an exceptional resource for the world to discover the wines of Canada.”

Caroline Henderson Manager, Programs & Regulatory Affairs
Canadian Vintners Association

"We check GWDB first for accurate wine information. It's the most reliable source for us to quote when doing sales and promotions online and in store."

Amber Fountain Operations Director
WineCollective (Retailer)

"Accurate wine information is critical to the global wine trade, GWDB is helping solve this problem."

Justin Howard-Sneyd Master of Wine and Wine Producer