Global Wine Database: Accurate Data, controlled by producers

Every winehas a unique story. We help share it.

Accurate wine information
controlled by producers.

Global Wine Database

Organize your brand, wines and media assets. Share with the world.

Global Wine Database: Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Your brand, wines and media assets. Share with your team and share with the world.

GWDB: Take Control of your Data

Take Control of Your Data

Designed by wine professionals specifically to help share accurate information about wine.

GWDB: Share Your Brand's Story

Share Your Story

Structure and organize your winery information so that it is clean, easy to find, and easy to share.

for your

Organize your brand and improve communication

Wine is complicated, we make easy.

Stay Organized

Online systems designed specifically for wineries. Access anywhere.

Save Time

Upload once, update everywhere: for your team, distributors, media, and beyond.

Always up to date

One place to reference, one place to update. Simple and easy.


Consistant data and convensions, while easy and fast to add new vintages.


Automatically check the boxes for import/export, compliance and marketing.

Cloud based

Entirely accessible from any computer or mobile device.

How It Works

Claim your winery, update information and start sharing.

Claim Your Winery

Claim Your Winery

You'll receive a verified badge and access to your profile when confirmed.

Add Your Info

Your Information

We guide you through inputting information about your wine, winery, winemakers, location, appellation, brand, and story.

If you're short on time, we can do this for you.

Activate Your Site

Start Sharing

Share with your staff, distributors, media, and customers.

Save time! All your marketing assets and tech sheets just a click away.

Automate Updates

Automate Updates

Update once, publish everywhere.

Adding a new vintage takes minutes and will update any Wine Folly product as well as create brand new tech sheets automatically.

Used by industry leaders

Wineries, education, technology, regional authorities and more.

Masters of Wine
Wine Folly
Napa Valley Vintners
Google my Business

How Wine Folly uses GWDB

20+ Million people reference for wine information.

Wine Folly references GWDB for facts. By using the GWDB API they source data directly from wineries to highlight brands and their wines. If the winery updates their information, it automatically synchronizes on as well.


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