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About Us

Our mission is to increase innovation in the wine world with better information.

The Vision

Connecting the wine information of the world to the single source of truth. Controlled by the producers.

The global wine industry is estimated at a value of ~$400 billion (USD). With shareholders across the globe, including governments, there is no unifying system of wine information.

Our vision is to enable wineries to better control and disseminate facts about their wines. We see the wine world as a connected one, where accurate and engaging information helps wineries easily integrate into current and future markets.

Global Wine Database is a product information management system (PIMS) built on the ontology of wine. It allows producers to create consistent wine information while enabling sharing through integrations beyond point of sale including retail marketplaces, institutional knowledge bases, and much more.

At the core, we believe that greater depth of information leads to a greater depth of passion.

Designed by Wine People

We're a passionate group of wine professionals.

We’ve created solutions to problems we've experienced ourselves.

The team has a diverse background with experience in wineries, restaurants, retail, wine clubs, ecommerce, technology, marketing, and media. The team works globally with members in major markets in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

For wine people, by wine people.

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